Our Philosophy

We believe that healthy, radiant skin is best achieved through the power of pH. Our original approach activates self-healing for long-term skin health. We believe in using multiple active ingredients at the highest possible concentrations, from 15% Vitamin C in our Illuminating Serum to 5% pure Niacinamide in our Day Cream. 

PHACE BIOACTIVE products support the naturally acidic pH balance of your skin to enhance its ability to protect against bacterial growth and irritation. Many skin care products on the market have a pH level that is too high, or too alkaline, to be effective on the skin. All of our formulas are pH Optimized with an acidic pH so that your skin can better absorb clinically-tested, potent active ingredients and experience the benefits of high-performance skin care.

As we age, and especially after the age of 40, the daily renewal of oil and moisture rapidly declines. Our skin becomes more alkaline, or drier, and the underlying fatty tissue begins to diminish, causing the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores. Skin is left defenseless, prone to aging, breakouts, irritation, and uneven skin tone.

pH Optimized Skin Care decreases sensitivity, tightens and firms the skin, and acts as an anti-bacterial shield. Other benefits of pH Optimized Skin Care include keeping skin clear of debris, encouraging cell regeneration, and stimulating collagen to thicken the skin and maintain a more youthful, beautiful appearance.