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Wrestling with Rosacea




This multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, gender-fluid, global moment is a beautiful thing. In a perfect world, we recognize that we are all created equal, while we celebrate our differences.
A similar principle applies to skin type and pH balance. We have a shared need to balance out the acid and alkaline levels in our skin, but that doesn’t mean we n...

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Results We Can "C"

Many of us rely on Vitamin C boosts for immunity. When we feel under the weather, the first thing we do is double-up on everything from orange juice to high-dose powders in hopes of staving off sickness. 
How do we know to do this? In the 1960s and 70s, Nobel Prize-winning chemist and activist, Linus Pauling, was among the first individuals to ...

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Wrestling with Rosacea

It’s not easy to maintain a rosy outlook when you’re coping with rosacea. Some excess redness may not seem like a big deal, but - as anyone with this chronic skin disease knows, and that’s many people - there’s a big difference between a healthy flush and a flare-up.
Rosacea is characterized by stubborn red rashes across the forehead, cheeks, n...

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